Welcome to my new blog that is now contained within the domain of the company AdaptDev website itself rather than on partner sites whom I work with.
I have started with blogs on partner sites before but unfortunately with many work commitments at the time have found that the time availability I had including travel was incompatible with maintaining an active blog. With the start of this blog I am committing to release two articles per month and on occasion where I may have more time I might add to this with specific topics I consider are current in the Agile community.
I hope that at least some of the topics I will discuss along the way may be of interest to people working in Agile, Business transformation and Scrum. For some, it might even give insights that they can apply within their transformations or implementations of modern ways in working.
I have enabled comments although will moderate them. Please engage with the topic of the content within an article posted and not with the person making another comment or myself as an individual. The agile / Organisational Transformation is a broad church in which there are many different experts with many different worldviews on how this can be achieved so it should be no surprise that people have found many ways to accomplish the same goal. You have to develop the ability to review multiple sources of options and choose the right one for you as a person, team or organisation. From my perspective, the bottom line is that the topics presented, and ideas given are all examples of ones that have worked for me, teams and organisations I have worked with. Some have achieved the goal of becoming highly productive teams or organisations.

Thanks for Reading